28 November, 2016

From the Ashes

It's been an awkward time period for me lately. A few weeks ago I heard the news that the Dining Hall at the summer camp Evan and I worked at together had burned down. It took some time for the news to actually hit me. It wasn’t until I saw pictures of the aftermath that I really knew how different things were gonna going into my last year of working Staff at Camp Grimes. For 16 summers I went to the Dining Hall to get my food and to admire all the memorabilia of the Camp since it opened in 1976. Gone. It's all gone and it's going to take some time getting used to that fact.

Remains of the Dining Hall.

I also have recently learned that I will need to one or two classes this spring so that I can graduate college. I had been operating under the impression that I would be graduating in two weeks. I could lie and say that it doesn’t bother me… but it would be apparent and ridiculous. Fortunately while operating this blog with Evan I have gone through some personal growth and know that it's not something I can’t overcome. From out of the ashes the phoenix rises stronger than ever. I know that 2016 has been one of, if not the best year I have had in quite some time. I know 2017 will be even better!

On some more pleasant news I have been route-setting at my University's rock wall and am having a blast doing it. Hopefully I can get some images or videos up soon of some of the things I’ve set.