02 February, 2017

Eleven Months Left!

So… clearly these are being published a little late, but these are my goals for 2017. I really wanted time to reflect upon what I wanted out of this year. Evan probably knows this about me, but I set lofty goals for myself. For the past two years I have failed to meet 100% of the goals I set for myself at the start of the year- but both times I was did meet the percentage of goals I set out for myself. This year I decided to strip down the goals to the ones that were really important to me.

Whitewater Kayaking
25 - Days Paddling
2 - Personal First Descents
5 - Different Rivers Paddled

10 - New Advanced Climbs (UNCG) Top Rope or Bouldering
5 - Days Climbing Outside
1 - 5.12 Climbed at Any Gym or Crag

Other Activities
30 - Miles of Backpacking
190 - Target Weight (lbs)

Creeks & Crags
20 - C&C Posts
4 - C&C Videos

Reading & Writing
1 - Participate in NaNoWriMo
2 - Entries Submitted for Publishing
4 - Books Read

1- Earn Bachelor’s Degree
3.0 - Spring Semester GPA

Some may notice that there are less goals oriented around outdoor activities. This isn’t because I plan to be less active, but because I plan to be more efficient in how I spend my free time. I would rather spend my time focusing on the things I really love. I also decided to set goals by days spent, rather than raw number of rivers. Last year I paddled 18 days, so I know I will have to remain active to reach the 25 days of paddling this year.

Hopefully Evan will let us know his goals soon.