09 March, 2017

Keeping Busy - Having Fun!

It has actually been a pretty crazy month! It’s been awhile since I have posted so I figured I would post something short just as an update. I’ve felt like I’ve stayed active just because of the way my schedule has worked out. A few weeks ago UNCG hosted their 19th Annual Spartan Summit. Instead of competing this year, I helped set for the Intermediate division. It was a blast to work with everyone and to set a large group of routes that all differentiated themselves through various styles.

I also got the chance to go outdoors a few times here recently. I got the chance to head out to Pilot Mountain with some of the climbing club. It was a great day. I do wish that I had gotten the chance to climb more, but I did manage to get on a 5.9 that was new to me and to finally send a 5.10 that I tried back in September. It was a great experience where I got to really feel how much I’ve improved over the past five months. It was also a blast getting to teach people how to lead climb and to get them on their first lead routes. It astounds me that less than a year ago I was learning how to lead myself.

Derek flashing Black Rain (5.9)

This past Monday I got the chance to hit up Moore’s Wall for some outdoor bouldering. I would be lying if I said I was overly happy with how I climbed. I flashed a smattering of V1s and V2s before hitting a brick wall in the V3 known as “V3PO”. Most of the problems were more overhung that I am used to and am excited to head back out there and hope that being more comfortable with the style that I will climb better.

Derek flashing R2-V2 (V2)