08 September, 2015

Back in the Cockpit

It’s clearly been a while since Evan or I have posted here. I think the transition back to the regular, non-camp world has been kicking our rears. We did get the chance to hit up the whitewater center this past weekend; it was a blast! Was super stoked to get back in the water with a paddle in my hand. Evan ended up renting out a Nomad, and trying it out. He took some video of his first couple runs down the Competition Channel: his first time down a Class IV rapid.

It was a good experience for me as well. I ended up practicing a few of my technical skills as well as pushing myself to play in different features and rapids. From surfing small waves to side surfing large holes, I got the chance to get the adrenaline pumping on comfortable, familiar features. I also ran the Wilderness Channel backwards a couple of times so that I could practice getting comfortable being turned around large Class III waves. To quote one of my favorite whitewater videos, “It was AWESOME!”

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