21 June, 2017

Generic C&C Post

I have only been climbing once in the past month and I am definitely starting to miss it! I have gotten the chance to go kayaking a couple more times. I hit up the USNWC a couple of weeks back and then loaded the gear up to head out to National Camping School to get re-certified as a Program Director for summer camp. On the way, up, my car broke down and it ruined my plans of trying to find a river to paddle when everything had great flow.

Alec on the first drop of Pinball.

This past weekend I got the chance to paddle with my roommate, Alec, one last time before he made the move to Colorado. He’s actually been there for a few weeks now, but came back to NC to finish up his degree with a short summer course. We hit up the Upper Green with our friend Brandon, who I’ve never paddled with before.

Brandon on Bayless' Boof.

The day was great with clean runs down the Upper Green from all of us. After stuffing our faces with Saluda Stuffers, we headed to Fishtop and paddled across the small pond at the put in to Pulliam Creek Trail to make our way into the Narrows, towards Hammer Factor. It was the first time any of us had hiked on this trail, but I found it to be easier overall than the other trail towards Hammer Factor. I walked further down the trail and added a couple of rapids of the Narrows I had never paddled before, starting a little above what I believe is Blackwater Falls.

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