30 March, 2016

Trailing Off

Welp needless to say it was a slow week.  The name of the game recently has been saving up money for my move and as a result I've been laying low, taking it easy, and bargain shopping (read: eating ramen for every meal) so unfortunately there isn't much to talk about!  The biggest thing I've been trying to tackle is my cross-country trip and where the heck I'm going to go on the way to Seattle.  Now if I wanted to I could book it and be there in 3 days but let's face it, driving coast to coast is not something that happens often so I want to make the most of it.  The best things I can think of to see on the way are our national parks so getting to as many of those as possible is going to be high on my trip's priority list.  It's going to be a while before I get the entire plan locked down but you'll see it here as I make progress!

In other news my Dad presented an interesting idea while I was visiting this past weekend: why not thru hike the AT this year?  At first my reaction was "Hah!  Yeah okay Pops, nice one."  Except not really because I think I would get punched in the face if I called my Dad "Pops," and I would deserve it.  But then I thought about it and it actually seems fairly reasonable.  I'm tripping up to Boston at the end of April for PAX East but after that...well there's really not anything tying me down.  Of course I told him that he'd have to cover the cost of my move if I did go with him, and needless to say we're still in negotiations.

If you follow my YouTube channel you'll notice I've made a triumphant return to making videos on the reg recently.  Of course it's nothing super interesting unless you like jokey open-world simulation video games.  And bears.  Playing Bear Simulator is super fun and I know it's not exactly the same as traversing the wilds in person but hey, I'll take adventure wherever I can find it.  I maintain that exploring in games can give you the same sense of wonder and accomplishment as exploring in real life, it's just a different flavor of the same delicious ramen of life.  Did I mention I was spending less?


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