30 July, 2015

Back to the Rock Walls

Today, for the first time since back in May, I climbed rocks.  Since I left town for camp at the beginning of the summer I knew I would miss the feeling of ascending up an artificial wall on plastic handholds under my own power, supported only by a 10.5mm rope and my harness that should probably be replaced after its many years of service.  Damn was it a good feeling tying in and chalking up after what felt like years of being away from the sport.

Before going away I worked at a place called Triangle Rock Club, a nice indoor rock gym about 10 minutes away from where I live.  It was convenient, it was free to use as an employee, and it was something I loved doing so I jumped at the job opportunity as soon as I could.

The tall 55' walls at TRC Morrisville, my old workplace.

Throughout 2014 and '15 I hit the walls after work at least once a week, sometimes hitting 3 or 4 sessions depending on how exhausted I was.  For some reason hitting the top of the wall was always a great feeling to me.  Even though I knew we were actually in a warehouse climbing concrete supported by steel and plywood that feeling of accomplishment is why climbing really hits me hard.  That and the sweet sweet gear you get to carry.

My friend Dylan invited me back to the wall to hang out today and even though I only knocked out 3 climbs (a 5.9, a 5.10- lead, and a 5.10) it all came rushing back at how much I had missed it.  Now as I type this despite sore forearms I can't help but look forward to the next time I get to climb, and think about what steps I need to take in order to get Derek and me onto some natural rock instead of gym dwelling.  First I have to get that new harness though, right?  Belay on!

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