12 February, 2016

Why Worry?

This week has been crazy for me.  Topsy-turvy is the descriptor I would use.  It all started out with a job interview for a company in Seattle and then a 2nd, both of which went exceedingly well!  Moving to Seattle is a goal for me, and a big one since moving cross country is no joke.  But then I freaked out.  What if it didn't work out?  What if I couldn't afford the cost of living?  You see, I worry about stuff like that constantly and it hasn't been until recently that I became well versed in squelching the anxiety.  Anyway, this week wasn't my best.

Let's talk about climbing gyms for a bit.  There is a huge stigma, at least where I live, about utilizing the incredible recording convenience that is a GoPro camera in the gym.  So my plans for recording some videos of my leading have been thwarted, for now.  However I did go climbing tonight and I can show you this potato-quality picture of my friend Wayne absolutely crushing it:

Is there a main point behind this rambling?  Probably not, sometimes I just like to share for better or worse.  But if I had to choose a main takeaway?  Don't sweat it.  Whatever it is that's bugging you, just drop it for a day and come back.  This has been an interesting session with Evan, now back to this Fireball whiskey.

Drink up!

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