28 April, 2016

I Did a Thing in Boston!

So if you remember from my Nerds Rule the World post back in January I'm regularly travel around going to a gaming convention called PAX in its various locations throughout the country.  January was PAX South in San Antonio, TX, and now this past weekend in April it was PAX East in Boston, MA.  This was my third time at the largest PAX, which is also the largest convention on the East Coast I'm pretty sure, and needless to say I enjoyed myself.  It's actually impossible not to.

While this was not my first rodeo in Boston it was the first time I went up early and hung out for a couple days before the show started.  I got to hang out with some of my good friends I've met through the convention and my borderline obsessive pin collecting which made the affectionately-named PAX Day 0 one of my favorite parts of the weekend.  Actually I think throughout the whole convention I probably spent more time just enjoying the environment with friends than actually attending the events and features the show had to offer.

Anyway I got to go full nerd for the whole weekend and then some so it was a pretty good time.  Not exactly high adventure but it's absolutely an exercise in friendship and enjoying living in the moment instead of fretting about the small stuff.

Just so you know Derek, Riot Games was there with a pretty rad League of Legends setup so hopefully I'll convince you to get up there with me sometime.


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