28 January, 2016

Nerds Rule the World

As I type this I'm sitting on an airplane at CLT while everyone else finishes boarding.  This weekend I'm off on a different kind of adventure: going to PAX South.  If you've been paying attention you'll have noted I'm a huge nerd and a gamer so PAX, a gaming convention, is right in my wheelhouse.

Interestingly enough I find a lot of folks like myself, those interested in the geeked things in life, are also big on the outdoorsy, high-adventure activities that enthrall Derek and me.  Maybe there's some kind of correlation there?  Who knows? What am I, a scientist?

I've been sticking with my once a week climbs for a bit now and I can tell that I'm starting to climb harder.  My love for rope climbing over bouldering is well known, but my friend's being as they are we usually do a healthy amount of both.  One of the best pieces of advice I've heard was from my dad: "A good friend challenges you every day."  Well consider me challenged because now I'm climbing V3's cleanly and getting back up to consistent 5.11's.

Anyway short post because of travelling but here's to the nerds of the world and our adventurelust, both virtual and real.


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