01 January, 2016

2015 Resomolution Check

Welp it's a new year for us, 2016 has come despite...well despite nothing.  Apparently time is a pretty predictable thing.  Will this be the year we finally get hoverboards?  Probably not, and don't talk to me about those two-wheeled things.  A hoverboard with wheels is better known as bullshit.

Anyway last year about this time I took part in the time-honored tradition of making myself some resolutions for the year and I think it's about time to take a look and see how much I actually got done.  Here we go, in no particular order:

  • Spend less money on things and spend more on experiences.
We're starting off with a mixed bag here.  I did put more of my paychecks to getting out into the world and living me some life.  I kayaked my first Class III+ and Class IV rapids, climbed my first 5.12, and visited Boston, San Antonio, and Seattle.  These visits were primarily for PAX, but visits nonetheless!  The downside to this traveling is that I spent more money on stuff while I was there on rentals, passes, gear, merch, and collectibles.  But hey, I got out, made friends, did stuff and had a blast.  I'm counting this as a win.
  • Kayak a Class IV rapid.
Suck it, USNWC competition channel.  I guess and artificial river isn't exactly a real Class IV but it's a start and it's what I had in mind when I wrote the goal down.
  • Make plans to move somewhere you've never lived before.
Plans are easy.  I can plan on visiting the center of a black hole but it doesn't mean it will happen.  I wasn't too specific here which means this was a bad goal, however as it stands right now I have a few ideas.  I've been looking at Seattle for a while now as a place to move, one of the other reasons I was so glad to travel there for PAX in 2015, but now I'm adding another possibility: Boulder, CO.  The biggest reason I've been apprehensive about making solid moving plans is my fear of joblessness.  And failure.  And loneliness.  Anyway, I'm looking into the possibility of going to grad school for a Masters or Doctorate related to renewable energy so I can get into solar R&D and save the world.  There's the glue to hold me in a new city, now I just have to actually get into a school.  Gulp.
  • End the year with less possessions than you started the year with.
Another bad goal since it's not very measurable.  (See Derek, I do learn from your camp training!)  But honestly I feel like I failed this one.  I managed to sell some big stuff I had lying around but at the same time I managed to accumulate a bunch of smaller stuff.  Looks like I'm going to dial this one in for 2016.  Moving cross country would help this a lot!

This is getting to be a wall of text, so I'll wrap up with some of the less detailed ones:
  • Get a tattoo.  I know what I want, I know where I want it, I don't have the money to pay for it.
  • Apply to be a substitute teacher.  Something to do in the meantime while I wanted to get out of my job.  Didn't do this because I don't think my life is stable enough to teach yet.
  • Go skydiving.  Again this came down to the cash, one of the experiences I failed to pay for in lieu of more stuff.
  • Find a new job for September.  Boom, knocked this one out.  My current job subcontracting fell into my lap right when I needed it luckily.
  • Get a raise at current job.  Nope, but I left a few months later anyway.
  • Save $5,000.  NOPE.  I did save...but I also spent.  Whomp whomp.
And finally!
  • Have someone to kiss on New Year's Eve.  Nope, let's throw a pity party!

Bah, I'm not salty though, it's been a great year and I'm actually looking forward to getting some new resolutions down for the next one.

Derek: to you I ask, what where your 2015 goals and-slash-or what will your 2016 goals be?  Consider the gauntlet laid down.

Adventure on.  Evan

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