06 January, 2016

2016 - Looking Forward

My goals more-or-less stayed very similar to my goals from last year. I did edit them in order to both fill in the loopholes I found late in the year, as well as cover up some of the issues I ended up dealing with when I realize I couldn't accomplish them all. I also added some "bonus" goals that I plan attempt, if given the chance, but will not feel disappointed if I am unsuccessful in carrying them out.

I know that many of the things on this list are not High Adventure, I felt it necessary to include my entire set of goals for 2016. Needless to say, there will be no videos of me posted this year attempting to solve Calculus problems or reciting an entire oral essay in German. Though I do believe both of these things may be the most dangerous thing I attempt this year.

Whitewater Kayaking
3 – Personal First Descents
2 – Guide People on Their First Whitewater Kayaking Trip
1 – Whitewater Competition [Bonus]

50 – Miles of backpacking
2 – Guide People on Their First Backpacking Trip
25 – Additional Miles Backpacking [Bonus]

5 – 5 Mile Hikes (Different Locations)
1 – 10 Mile Bike or Canoe Trip

5 – Bouldering Problems
5 – Top Roping Routes
1 – Climbing Competition [Bonus]

Disc Golf
5 – Different Courses Played
10- Rounds of Disc Golf Played
1 – New Course Played
1 – Disc Golf Tournament Played [Bonus]

190 - lbs (Starting at 200 lbs)
15% - Body Fat (Starting at 18.7%)

4 – New Books Read
12 – Books Read
20 – Creeks & Crags Posts
5 – Creeks & Crags Videos [Bonus]

3.0 – Spring Semester GPA
3.0 – Fall Semester GPA
3.0 – Summer Semester GPA [Bonus]

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