15 January, 2016

I, too, have some goals!

New year, new schedule!  That's right folks, we here at Creeks and Crags see it necessary to deliver our quality content on a regular basis instead of our previous method of determining when to make a post: throwing a hiking pole javelin-style at a calendar until it sticks.

So you'll be hearing from Derek or I every week, or even more sometimes depending on how quickly our hype train is steaming along.  We're going to alternate weeks, so if I'm your favorite be sure to check in fortnightly!  Also we'll be aiming for a midweek day to post on, in my case Thursdays.  You may have noticed that today is Friday, a whole day after what I just said.  Now before the pitchforks and torches come out there is a very good reason I'm late and it is that I just finished reading The Martian and now I have a burning desire to play Kerbal Space Program all the time.

Okay enough dicking around, time for the real shit.  Here are my resolutions for 2016.
  • Go Running: at least twice a week with a total of 5km per week, increasing by 1km every month.
  • Climb once a week.
    • Climb 3 different 5.12's cleanly.
    • Climb a 5.13.
  • Apply to Grad School.
  • Go to Grad School OR Get a new job.
  • Move (preferably out West).
  • Go Skydiving & Get a tattoo: REDUX.
  • Keep track of every dollar I spend, receive, and save.
  • Go on 2 different weekend backpacking trips.
  • Go skiing or snowboarding.
  • Have 2 Personal First Descents on actual real-life rivers.
  • Run a natural Class IV rapid.
  • Self-Improvements:
    • Get out of the house more.
    • Do exercise stuff.
I feel like most of that is pretty self-explanatory but if it's too long the takeaway is that I want to be the best at everything and will do so by 2017.  In actuality it means that I want to be a better person, do better things with my life, and make myself happy through the things I do, not the things I own.

All-in-all I'm two weeks in and doing pretty well so far!  But January is like a gimme for New Years resolutions anyway so I guess the true test will be this time in about a year, 52+ posts from now.  Anyway, following my trend of doing awesome things, I have tiny green men to crash land on distant virtual rocks.


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